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At OSA DigiTeam, we specialize in video production featuring realistic product animation. The CAD models and custom 3D models that we turn into product animation also form the basis for our photorealistic product visuals, illustrations, and diagrams.

To add value to your valuable visual content, we also develop interactive on-line applications for marketing and training.  With 3D models and assets in hand, we can build for web, mobile, tablet, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

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Visual content to tell your story or present your product in its best light is our specialty. Animation with 3D models and converted CAD files is one of our favorite tools, augmented with on-site video where needed.

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We also help provide great product visuals, sometimes long before the product is available to photograph. These 3D visualizations can be used for presentations, print, web and anywhere a quality image is needed.

Interactive Web / Mobile Applications

Enabling your customers to interactively customize and order your multi-featured products in an app or browser is what effective “configuration” is all about. Through this virtual and highly visual experience, your customers can learn about your product’s features while building an order instead of browsing a catalog. With 3D models and assets in hand, our platforms include web, mobile, tablet, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).


Interactive 360XR

We can help you creatively present your product online in many ways, including 360XR.



It’s just a small step from digital visualization and animation to online education. There are many reasons to provide online instruction to employees, customers, reps and dealers. Once a system is in place, you can deliver automated instruction, tests and issue certificates with minimal time spent. We can assist with course development and offer both slide and video formats, as well as interactive courses, “from concept to certification”.

More About Us

We are here to support your business goals and are familiar with many industry sectors including manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, professional and financial services, and construction.

With years of experience that spans many industries as well as international borders, we can assist your planning and projects by consulting on marketing, web and technical matters, and can manage relevant projects of all sizes.

Our goal is to make all of our projects effective and exceptional. We are headquartered in Upstate South Carolina and together, our network of creatives, specialists and developers make a great team to bring your products to life.

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